Sunday, November 24, 2019

Tess of the D essays

Tess of the D essays In the novel, Tess of the DUrbervilles, by Thomas Hardy fate plays an important role. Fate determines the lives of the characters involved, especially Tess Durbeyfield. Events throughout the book are predetermined and bound to happen. The fate of Tess is to live a sorrowful life to improve the lives of her family and especially her favorite sibling, Liza-Lu. The story begins with Tess running through the town with a group of girls all dressed up in white smocks. They make it to a green, beautiful plot where they begin to dance with one another. During the night men stop by to grab a dance with the young ladies. One young gentlemen stops in that catches Tess attention. This man watches her intently yet refuses to dance with her. Later in the story it is discovered that this man is Angel Clare. Clare and Tess get married, yet not before she endures serious hardships due to his absence. Fate killed the Durbeyfield horse, Prince. After a night of drinking Tess father was unable to bring the eggs to the marketplace. Tess was forced out of bed to bring the goods. During the ride to the marketplace Prince is killed by a passing postman. The death of Prince brought a severe financial crisis to the Durbeyfield family. Tess blames herself for the death of the horse and decides she must call on wealthy kin to help her family. Fate brought Tess to the home of her supposed kin, Alec Stoke-DUrberville. Tess went to Alec in hope of earning enough money to purchase a new horse for her family. While there she takes care of the poultry and Alecs elderly mother. While at the home Tess accompanies Alec on a ride through the woods. Fate got them lost in the woods, caused Tess to fall asleep while waiting for Alec to find where they were and caused Tess to be raped. Fate brought about the death of Tess bastard child, Sorrow. Sorrow was born into a home broken by poverty and shame. He had no chance of survival...

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