Thursday, February 27, 2020

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Essay - 1

Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Essay Example Safety and security of workers in the workplace are two fundamental aspects to account for. Employers are expected to ensure that employees undertake their duties in an environment that do not jeopardize their safety, health, security, and overall welfare. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets and enforces safety and health standards that should be adhered to in the workplace. Both employers and employees are expected to comply with OSHA provisions. OSHA undertakes time to time inspections in its bid to enforce the OSHA provisions. For my company, OSHA inspections are undertaken at least once every year. Some of OSHA’s inspections are impromptu, intended to capture the real scenario in the working environment. Ergonomics threats or injuries seem to trend upwards for the company. This is observed alongside cumulative trauma disorders that affect a significant portion of the workforce. The threats and injuries realized in the company are as a result of change s in the working systems that have seen the improvement of the manner in which employees undertake their duties. This threats and injuries are high before the employees fully familiarize with the improved systems. Amid this, violating OSHA can be avoided by ensuring that their continued implementation prior to making any changes in the company’s system of operation. In this respect, communication involves all the parties within the company, the external environment and the relevant agencies that deal with health safety implementation.

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